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Welcome to the area of the website dedicated to all Scientist-oriented information. Oceanographers, marine biologists and other marine scientists share their research and knowledge and connect with one another.



Gregory Barord

Gregory Barord is working on nautilus conservation and education

PhD Candidate
I am a Marine Biologist studying all aspects of the chambered nautilus. I am primarily interested in nautilus conservation and sharing my work through educational outreach activities.
I am a: Scientist, Educator, Graduate Student

Surajit Ghosh

Surajit Ghosh is working on satellite altimeter

Satellite Oceanographer
I am a: Scientist

Charles Morehouse

Charles Morehouse

I am a: Scientist, A leader or representative of a non-profit

Johnny Sean

Johnny Sean

Reponsable for training colleagues and clients on how to use specific databases and systems all (as brindes Monarch and acompanhantes sp garotas de programa class)over the USA and Americas, responsible for acompanhantes sao paulo guia classificados project and otimizacao de sites at marketing for transportadora pacto.
I am a: Scientist
Location: British Columbia


PUGALENDHI THANGAVELU is working on Marine Science

Assistant Professor
I have completed B.Sc Zoology, M.Sc. Marine Biology & Oceanography and Ph.D in Marine Biology and teaching Marine Science and Biotechnology for about seven years.
I am a: Scientist, Educator, Interested Citizen, Marine Volunteer

Jackie Luters

Jackie Luters

I'm representative of fundamental physics society and want to make dignified contribution in world theoretical science development. Also I has a set of published research papers and can help you with notifications about their creating and presenting to the audience.
I am a: Scientist
Location: Seattle

Todd Sandell

Todd Sandell is looking for volunteers to assist with sampling for juvenile salmon in Grays Harbor. Get in touch if you're interested!

I'm presently leading a research project in Grays Harbor, WA to investigate the abundance, distribution, and timing of juvenile salmon in the estuary, as well as the fish community as a whole.
I am a: Scientist, A leader or representative of a non-profit

Annika Fain

Annika Fain

I am a hydrologist and floodplain manager at ESA Adolfson. I have a BS in Environmental Science, MS in Environmental Science & Engineering, and MS in Geological Oceanography. My graduate research projects included research in the Columbia River Estuary, Fraser River Estuary, and Adriatic Sea.
I am a: Scientist, Interested Citizen
Location: Seattle

Colleen Kellogg

Colleen Kellogg

I am a graduate student in the UW School of Oceanography. My research focuses on the role marine microbes in the degradation of sinking and suspended particulate organic matter (i.e. sea snot...marine snow...detritus) in the Arctic Ocean.
I am a: Scientist, Graduate Student
Location: Seattle

Christen Foehring

Christen Foehring is in the midst of summer camps! Check us out at

Summer Programs Coordinator - IslandWood
I am the summer programs coordinator at IslandWood, an environmental education school on Bainbridge Island. I also manage our school day programs and work as a mentor for EEC graduate students. I am passionate about outdoor education, marine conservation, and creating engaging experiences for learners of all ages in the marine environment.
I am a: Scientist, Educator, Interested Citizen, A leader or representative of a non-profit
Location: Seattle

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